Robert lives in Midvale, Utah. He is a former Army Special Forces officer, holds an associate degree in Business Management, a bachelor's degree in Life Sciences, and a master's degree in Information Technology. He has designed and programmed custom software for the mortgage banking industry and is recently retired from teaching computer science at the local community college. 

A fitness nut, he swims, bikes, runs, skis, hikes, and loves nothing more than throwing on his backpack and spending a week in the high Unita mountains of northeastern Utah (actually, any rugged, mountainous terrain will do!). 

Robert has spent the last five years studying and implementing successful business models and sound financial principles leveraged by the power of Information Age technologies.

As a die-hard "funnel hacker", he believes there is no better time than right now to start a web-based home business. Anyone with a desire to learn about and apply the principles and technologies related to "funnel hacking frameworks" is virtually assured of success.

One of Robert's life-long pursuits is sharing 21st Century Online Marketing Systems (aka ClickFunnels) with home-based business owners that show them how to generate income while they sleep - the true measure of online success!

What is "funnel hacking" and what do You, a business owner, need to know about it?

Funnel Hacking... the process of strategically investigating the sales and marketing process of your competitors and then using that framework to build, test, and optimize your own.
"a properly constructed sales funnel includes EVERYTHING You Need 
To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online!"
There's A Funnel Framework For...
  • Generating Leads
  • Selling A Product
  • Offering A Service
  • Business To Business Transactions
  • Streaming a Webinar
  • ​Creating a Membership Site
  • ​Affiliate Marketing
  • ​eCommerce
  • ​MLM
  • ​If there is a business activity you can imagine, there is a funnel framework to implement it...

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